26 Jan 2018


We recently installed a greywater system for our shower bath so that we didn't have to carry our bathwater downstairs to the garden in buckets. We plug the bath and collect our shower water (it's a bit gross when you have to step into cold water, but #sacrifice).

The greywater system is a plastic pipe that runs from our second-story bathroom through the window into our downstairs garden. It uses a fish tank pump (motorless, but works on suction aka a Venturi effect as my smart engineer husband taught me).

Please note: 
* This only works for second-story bathrooms
* You will have pipes in your bath #notsexy
* Only works for shower baths
Shopping list:

a. Python replacement pump (order it here on Amazon, takes about 2 weeks delivery)

b. Remove this end piece by removing the screws

c. ½' to ¾' Male-Male Nipple

d. 2x ½' plastic ball valve

e. ½' Male tee

f. ½' to ¾' Female-Female adaptor

g. ½' to ½' Male-Male Nipple

h. ½' to ¾' adaptor (Note: it is important that this is the low profile kind used for garden taps, ensure that it fits the “Python pump”, the thread must catch fully or you might break the “Python pump”)

i. ¾' to ¾' Female-Female adaptor

j. ¾' to 20mm hose fitting

k. +- ½ metre of flexible tubing. (Note this should be left a bit longer until the whole system is in place. Then cut the tube at an angle so it fits neatly against the bath floor.

l. A second piece of flexible tube is fitted over this end of the “Python pump”. Heat the tube with a hair-dryer or boiling water to force it over as far as possible.

m. Approx 3 meters 20mm flexible tubing, depends on your building, you need enough to go out the building. (Note: the tube size should be chosen so that it can be fitted as described in point l) it will stretch when heated, but not by a huge amount.)

n. Use Plumber's tape on all threaded joints (ask the hardware store assistant or Youtube)

o. Plastic bin or tank (not pictured) to collect water in the garden

Good luck! I'll be posting an instructional video soon on how to use it (very easy!)

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