3 Jan 2018


We moved into a new place recently. It's a little duplex with a small garden. For so long, I've dreamt of having a garden! Turns out they're quite a lot of work and I have been thinking about how to turn this outdoor space, which is much like any other room, into a comfortable place where we'll want to chill and hang out.

Most of the garden is in full sun during the morning and midday so I'm only planting water-wise plants and succulents. I get seduced at nursery visits and end up buying pretty, fluffy plants that soon die.

There are two butterfly bushes in the garden already, and ivy on the one wall. I've planted succulents in ceramic pots for the back wall. But I'm a bit stuck on combining 'normal' plants (including our tomato plant) with water-wise/ succulents/ endemics.

I really like these lush gardens but they seem a bit unattainable... like you need to max out your credit card at the nursery first.

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