26 Feb 2013



Just down the road from my apartment is a canal that leads to the Alster. Floating on the water are all kinds of houseboats from contemporary to old-school. Yes, houseboats in Hamburg. Who would have thought?

12 Feb 2013


Only in Hamburg do you get: snow, sun and seagulls. What a bizarre time of year it is – when the world sinks into a grey, inky, darkness. I come from Cape Town and I must say that the weather in Hamburg is something you have to get used to. Slowly. Very slowly. But you do.

Sometimes the extreme cold just feels like the extreme heat of a summer’s day. But what’s really hard to get used to is: the sky is eternally tinged grey like a milky mess. I treasure every winter’s day when the sky is blue – the seagulls are dancing in the air – screeching and enjoying the sun’s warmth. For then my heart is also screeching. 

I do enjoy looking at the photos I recently took in Cape Town. It helps. A little.