29 Apr 2013


Lately, I've been reading tons of blogs, scouring newspapers and navigating online websites to find inspiration. Why, you may ask? Well, I'm trying to find my voice as a writer. And I feel in order to do so successfully, I need to see how other people are portraying themselves online. Although that's also pretty fake, aint it! We all have a different personality. Some writers love sharing about really intimate things in their lives. Others love writing about nonsensical, ordinary things without much emotion. I think that I am a very private person who is not so fond of sharing so much about myself. I might even delete this post.

This blog started off as a spontaneous 'oh lemme start a cool kids fashion blog' idea and mutated, as my life changed, into something a little more jumbled. It's like when you go through you're basement and you open old dusty boxes or suitcases and find an assortment of things. And because my brain is like a sieve...I like to keep moments, or poems that remind me of someone, or photos, to remind me of the little things in life.