25 Aug 2016


So my friend at Illuminate Photography took a few photos of me and introduced me to "freelensing". Nope, not freelancing. Free-lensing. Freelensing is an inexpensive way of getting the unique effect of an expensive tilt-shift lens you’re your DSLR camera. Tilt-shift is when the focus plane is thrown out of whack with the added bonus of natural light leaks. You can see this in the first 2 photos below.

I tried to take a few photos using this technique and it's quite difficult. You hold the camera with one hand, take the lens off, and then while holding it closely to the camera body, maneuver the focus so that your subject is in focus. And then you just play around. Tilting it slightly to make wonderful painting-like photographs.

18 Aug 2016


through the mist,
through the trees,
proud buildings stand;
illuminated by soft midday
winter sunlight;
resilient against everything.

11 Aug 2016


When looking for satisfaction in life, we often look to different things to bring meaning into our life. The altruistic way means that we find happiness in things and works.