3 Jan 2017


I recently got engaged, yes me, engaged! I still can't quite wrap my head around it but it's certainly been an amazing journey with my fiancee so far. The last three weeks have been filled with me freaking out about wedding plans, expectations and the consumerism (and money worry!) that wedding planning has become nowadays.

We're sitting down tonight to discuss some finer points about setting the date and discussing how many people we want to invite. I guess these aren't "finer points" but big, fat dots on the calender. I'm starting to get quite excited because I know that my fiancee and I think quite similarly about what kind of wedding we'd like. We want something low-key, not to "spendy", relaxed and something that centers around our family and friends.

Here are some photographs I found for the eucalyptus decoration I want (I do still need to convince my fiancee about this, not a flower man himself) because they're fairly inexpensive, dry beautifully and smell lovely.