11 Aug 2016


When looking for satisfaction in life, we often look to different things to bring meaning into our life. The altruistic way means that we find happiness in things and works.

We attach our hearts to things and then we quickly detach from these things again. According to Tim Keller, a famous pastor, this life philosophy also hardens your heart and in that process a person also dehumanises themselves.

Augustine once said, "Our loves are disordered." Keller says that we shouldn't detach like the Buddhists do and harden our hearts by saying, "it's not out there". Instead, we should stop looking towards things and money and career to bring us contentment. We should just yearn to love God more; if you love him supremely then contentment soon follows.

And when you love God then everything else falls into order.

"I am the bread of life", says God. He will give you meaning.

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