13 Aug 2014


Just can't get enough of this worship band at the moment: øusia. Once you see a band performing live, it changes the entire experience when you listen to their music at home. You can picture them when you close your eyes...

I recall the atmosphere in the "Turbinenhalle" at Freakstock: it was thick, heavy, dark and yet there was such a lightness in the room as if god was right there. Yeah, he was right there! I don't listen to heavy metal at all but I loved how their worship songs, and covers, had such power in them. God is a mighty warrior. And sometimes that's the image we need of him - not of the meek man holding a lamb but of a god who fights and cares and chases us.

I've been trying to write about Freakstock in the last few days but thoughts have been whizzing around in my head. So more of that at another point...But in the meantime check out their song "Es lohnt sich wieder aufzustehen" as the words really spoke to my heart. It's just amazing.

Es lohnt sich wieder aufzustehen/ Irgendwann dein Gesicht zu sehen/ Erst fühlte ich mich arg verloren/ Jetzt bin ich wie neu geboren...

(My rough translation: It's worth it getting up again/ To see your face one day/ At first I felt so lost/ But now I am like newly born...)

Mein ganzes Leben geb ich dir/ Nimm es so hin/ Ich will es nicht mehr/ Alles was ich brauche ist hier

(I give you my entire life/ Take it as it is/ I don't want it anymore/ Everything I need is here with you)

Here's a free download of their music. 

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