19 Dec 2013


I just watched "The Place Beyond the Pines" with Ryan Gosling. Who doesn't love Mister Gosling? With tattoos. Wearing rugged tees. On a motorbike.

What struck me most about the movie is that the beginning features many close-up's of Ryan Gosling: love-struck, pensive, angry, thoughtful, etc. The director, Derek Cianfrance, made sure that the female population got what they came for.

The second thing I noticed was that the film felt like two stories. I usually never have the urge to leave the cinema – and have never done so before in my life – but I was tempted to in the screening of The Place Beyond the Pines. The movie was just that half an hour too long. It felt like he had already added the sequel into the main film.

A little tidbit on the director…his wife also made a movie called “Towheads” about her as a mother. It was filmed in their house and features her hubby (just his legs) and their kids. I watched the trailer and it looks like a funny, sweet little film. I can’t wait to watch it!