28 Jan 2011


Gorgeous, LesMads, again.

The LesMads bloggers post their own outfits.

A stunning Stil in Berlin image from the "At Home" series.

A few iconic StilinBerlin images.

Sometimes a fashion blog is like stale bubblegum. And other times it's a juicy slice of watermelon. Here are two blogs that I like and that implore me to return, again and again. The good old StilinBerlin is a classic among the German street fashion blogs. Not only does the team take beautiful photos but they also score with their “At home” and “Interview” series.  

LesMads is another regularly updated fashion blog with a modern feel. The two bloggers post their outfits online but also inform on current fashion news. What then makes a great blog? Well like anything in life, hard work paves the way to success. And I can smell a dedicated fashion blogger a mile away.