11 Mar 2016


I've recently started dating someone whose personality is quite different to mine. It's made my ice blocks appear more like ice blocks because they have now been placed next to an oven's hot plate. A bad analogy, I know, but when you meet someone who is different it exasperates that difference. Luckily, there are also many things we have in common. But when I read this Reddit article, it made me smile, because suddenly I felt so normal again.

Here is a list of things that I often think: 

"Do you ever wonder ____" followed by a random observation about life.

It's not important, never mind," after a long-winded and disorganized attempt at explaining some thought or feeling that's crushingly significant to me.

"If that makes any sense."
I find myself repeatedly using that phrase as an afterthought when attempting to explain things.
"...don't worry about it." I don't really know how to tell you what I mean so I'm not going to waste my time
-Group has interesting conversation about topic A-
INFJ remains silent, thinking in his/her head intensely about it
-Group moves onto talking about topic B-
INFJ then gives a thoughtful response to Topic A
Group: We stopped talking about that 10 minutes ago! 
Someone says something.
INFJ brain connects dots: A to B, to C, to D, to E, to F, to G, to H.
INFJ responds with H. INFJ must then reverse and explain the steps when met with absolute confusion.
 "I can see both sides."

"Wait, let me rephrase that ..."

"Just kidding!" Too sarcastic for my own good.

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